Loc-Bak ™

All of our constructions are reinforced with the durable Loc-Bak ™ substructure. This strong base forms the foundation of our product lines. The combination of EndurStran yarn systems and Loc-Bak ™ technology provides added strength and support to our carpets.

All of our product’s sub-surface are inter-locked by a durable grid system. This framework is coated with an emulsion of polymer microparticles for added strength and is bonded to the underside of our products.

This added reinforcement provides dimensional stability, meaning, products will maintain their size, shape, and will not pull apart. The structure provided by Loc-Bak ™ *prevents your floor cloth from crawling or gathering around table legs, etc.

Additionally, Loc-Bak ™ gives them body and structure making them a decorative choice for **over-carpet applications. And all of our rugs are precision surged for added durability and finish.

By partnering with Loc-Bak ™, the team at EnduraStran can ensure they are providing products that can take the abuse of heavy traffic and busy families.

Note: with all rug purchases, we recommend using a rug pad.

*(only when the rug is used on a hard surface)

**(avoid placing furniture on your rug if it’s used on carpet)