EnduraStran© premium nylon yarn is made of 100% nylon fiber. Nylon fiber is one of the toughest and most versatile fibers on the market. Used in a myriad of products from ropes to hosiery, its strength, resistance to abrasion and soiling, as well as its elasticity and resilience, make it one of the best fibers for use in the manufacture of carpets and rugs. Not only can we boast about nylon’s inherent properties, our premium yarn has the added benefits of:

Superior Stain Resistance – resists staining caused by most food, beverages, and pet urine


Fire Resistant

CRI Green Label Plus™ Certified


Our innovative Loc-Bak technology means your product will lay flat – period. Once fully acclimated, your new rug will relax and flatten and stay that way. To help eliminate slipping, we recommend the use of a rug pad being sure to select the appropriate pad for hard surface floors or carpeted areas.


Art and science meld with our PrecisionPoint Custom Yarn Dye System allowing for endless color options and supreme colorfastness. Be sure to follow our maintenance guidelines to keep those colors looking good as new!