Evolution or Revolution?

“Nadja” rug from Jules+Cole.

How EnduraStran continues to adapt to the demands of an ever-changing industry.

You likely don’t put much thought into how everyday objects like rugs or carpet are made but it’s a competitive global business with scores of manufacturers and retailers vying for your hard earned dollars. Just shopping the flooring department of any big box store is enough to make your head swim! Shopping online is even more of a circus. As a result, many of us dish out big bucks for a product that doesn’t quite meet our needs or simply abandon the search altogether.

There are just so many things beyond style and color to consider when it comes to selecting a rug or carpet. If you’re lucky enough to find something that ticks off all the boxes in terms of style, you’re then confronted with other choices to make. Machine washable or spot clean? Handmade or machine made? Synthetic fiber or natural fiber? Imported or domestically made? So many choices! As a nation, we’ve even begun to consider the entire life cycle of the products we purchase doing what we can to mitigate the waste generated from decades of a “just toss and replace” mentality. Each of us has a unique set of circumstances that dictate our buying choices making a one-size-fits-all product an impossibility. So how do you move forward with so much to consider?

“Big Chief” rug from American Dakota.

In 2008, one company set out to help simplify the choice for you. EnduraStran began with little more than passion and purpose. EnduraStran’s creators felt that consumers deserved a better product than the inexpensive throw-aways found at almost every major retailer in the country. While these products satisfy an aesthetic by capitalizing on trends, they are largely made from poor quality yarns that lose their luster (quite literally for some) after just a few months of use in your home. Quick to soil with fibers that go limp after repeated foot traffic, these products often spend just a short time in the home before being sent to the landfill. EnduraStran’s goal was to create something better. With knowledge gained from years in the industry and the research conducted on their own time and at their own expense, these visionaries determined that nylon yarn offered the best value for consumers. Nylon’s resilience and unmatched durability, ease of manufacture and moderate cost all aided in this decision. EnduraStran was born!

Now, after almost 15 years, EnduraStran’s founders know they made the right choice. EnduraStran’s story can be easily tracked in the changes to its branding – specifically its logo. In the early days, the logo was a reflection of the America Dakota brand which was the first to promote the use of EnduraStran premium nylon yarn in the fabrication of its products. As the company grew, they realized that consumers appreciated the purposeful design and quality of EnduraStran’s products and sought to add new brands to their family that would appeal to a larger audience. More recently, EnduraStran has joined the push for manufacturers to do their part in taking action against climate change. As a reflection of this commitment, EnduraStran launched a new logo and website in late 2023 outlining these promises.

“Tangelo” rug from GirlsRoomRugs.com.

Changes are an inevitable part of growth. EnduraStran understands this well and is committed to introducing necessary changes to continue to offer quality products that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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